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Facial Care

Junsui Naturals Face Wash (OIL CONTROL) (100gm)

Your ideal skin care solution to remove blackheads, sebum and excessive oil and at the same time maintain your skin's natural moisture.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (Radiance) (100gm)

Double Whitening agents from Sakura and Yam Bean extract makes your skin look brighter and radiant.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (COOL)(100gm)

Gives fresh cooling sensation & helps brighten the skin. It contains refreshing ingredient & Yam Bean extract.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (ICE COOL) (100gm)

Enjoy Ultimate freezy feeling & helps brighten the skin. Contains extra Menthol and Yam bean extract.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (NEEM)(100gm)

Helps inhibits bacterial growth, remove blackheads, sebum, whitehead as well as brighten your skin.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (PAPAYA SCRUB) (100gm)

Remove dead skin cells, making your skin look radiant & naturally moisturize & keep skin fresh & healthy.

Junsui Naturals Facial Wash (PIMPLE FIGHTING) (100gm)

Treats for Acne & helps brighten the skin. Contains Anti-Bacterial ingredient & Yam Bean extract.


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