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Carex Tiger Balm


Carex Condoms 3 in 1 (LIGHT BLUE) (12's)

A combination of ribs & dots with contour shape for form fitting giving a unique Experience of Pleasure & Excitement.

Carex Condoms Assorted Flavour (RED) (3's & 12's)

A mixture of colours and flavours for extra passion which include succulent banana, strawberry, grape, orange, apple and blackurrant.

Carex Condoms Assorted Flavour (Shisha ) (12's)

Designed for pleasure and total reliability.

Carex Condoms Classic (BLACK) (12's)

Provides pleasure and reliability.

Carex Condoms Delay Powershot (LIGHT ORANGE) (3's & 12's)

Carex Condoms Dotted (PURPLE) (12's)

Dotted, Parallel sided, Teat Ended & Lubricated. Specially designed to heighten excitement.

Carex Condoms Ribbed (DARK ORANGE) (12's)

Providing additional Sensation & Pleasure for your partner.

Carex Condoms Rough & Tough (BLUE) (3's & 12's)

Contoured shape for maximum sensitivity & pleasure also with raised studs on the condom surface to increase the intensity of women's stimulation & sensation of love making.

Carex Condoms Sensation (GREEN) (3's & 12's)

Vibrantly coloured for varieties and excitement.

Carex Lubricating Gelly (COOLING) (60gm)

Water soluble lubricant for cooling sensation.

Carex Lubricating Gelly (REGULAR) (60gm)

Water soluble lubricant for general lubrication needs.

Carex Lubricating Jelly (WARMING) (60gm)

Water soluble lubricant for an exciting warming sensation.


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